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Masterful reduces data labeling and developer experimentation, accelerating your ML project and helping your labeling budgets go farther.


Our Values

We believe in the power of diversity and that startups should create opportunity for people from all backgrounds.  We're building our team of employees, investors, and advisors to reflect those values.

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Industry winners and losers will be determined by the successful implementation of Machine Learning.  Masterful empowers companies across a range of industries to launch ML models that generate more accurate results, with no additional developer effort. 


Aerial and satellite imagery are key inputs for understanding the world we live in and its constant state of change.  The timeline on projects like assessing the financial impact of a natural disaster have been dramatically decreased by Machine Learning.  Organizations leveraging geospatial data are using Masterful to create models that generalize better to new regions, weather patterns, data providers, and object types.  
Example results: for a company detecting rare objects in satellite images, Masterful increased accuracy from a baseline of 45% to 65%, and intersection-over-union (IoU) from 37% to 41%.


Assembly lines now function as real-time data centers.  Aided by Machine Learning, organizations receive invaluable insights into the health of their manufacturing operations.  A key application is detecting defects on the assembly line, where Masterful can improve detection accuracy for issues that are rare or sensitive.
Example results: for a company classifying defects in manufacturing assemblies, Masterful reduced the error rate by more than 60%. 


Security has come a long way since the days of closed circuit television.  Machine Learning has transformed the security industry and now includes proactive measures to detect and act on threats both in the real world and online.  Security companies can use Masterful to improve model accuracy and remove model bias in order to keep their constituents safe. 

Example results: for a company classifying sensitive identity documents, Masterful reduced the error rate by more than 50%.



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 $ pip install masterful