Masterful for Security

Create more accurate and unbiased models with less data

Physical security is undergoing massive transformation in a world of connected devices and unlimited cloud storage. Machine Learning is moving the industry into a new era by automatically detecting threats based on patterns and trends analyzed at scale.  Security companies use Masterful to optimize model accuracy, more quickly support new object classes, increase robustness in a wider variety of weather conditions, and to be fair towards all people groups.



Request a free 30-day trial of Masterful and also receive a free audit of your current ML training practices.

  • Improve models at less cost.  Cut your data labeling cost up to 50%.
  • Significant accuracy improvements.  Boosts performance for classification, detection, and semantic segmentation.
  • Remove bias from models.  Fill in gaps in your training distribution which may perform poorly on different people groups. 
  • Focus on building applications.  Spend less time labeling and managing training data.
  • Stay private.  All your models and data stay inside your network.

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