Masterful for Manufacturing

Create more accurate models for defect detection with less data

Automation and data exchange are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Innovative manufacturing organizations are using Machine Learning models to drive actionable insights straight from the assembly line.  Start training your models with Masterful AI and realize improved accuracy in real-world factory conditions, while saving money on data and labeling costs. 

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Request a free 30-day trial of Masterful and also receive a free audit of your current ML training practices.

  • Eliminate the haystack. Create more robust models for finding and analyzing defects.
  • Significant accuracy improvements.  Boosts performance for classification, detection, and semantic segmentation.
  • Do more with less.  Unblock projects which need to train on rare or sensitive defect data. 
  • Focus on building applications.  Spend less time labeling and managing training data.
  • Stay private.  All your models and data stay inside your network.

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