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Stop burning money on the wrong batch size

Image of Nikhil Gajendrakumar
Nikhil Gajendrakumar

Once your training runs become material in terms of wall-clock time and hardware budget, it's time to look at improving your batch size. If your batch size is too small, your training runs are taking longer than necessary and you are wasting money. And if your batch size is too large, you are training with more expensive hardware than you need.

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It's time to use Semi-Supervised Learning for your CV models

Image of Yaoshiang Ho
Yaoshiang Ho


Previously, we showed that throwing more training data at a deep learning model has rapidly diminishing returns. If doubling your labeling budget won’t move the needle, what next? Consider semi-supervised learning (SSL) to unlock the information in unlabeled data. 

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Google Vertex vs Masterful AI (Part 1)

Image of Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch

Percent top-1 error reductions achieved when moving from Google Vertex to Masterful AI. 

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