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Building a baseball card valuation tool using ML

Image of Yaoshiang Ho
Yaoshiang Ho

Building Things with Machine Learning is Masterful AI's podcast covering interesting applications of machine learning. We started this podcast to focus less on innovative research... and more on innovative ways ML is being applied to building products. 

In this episode, we meet Ted Mann, CEO of CollX. CollX is a baseball card valuation app and marketplace. And ML is at the heart of it. 33% of Americans have trading cards, making this a very large addressable market. Learn some tips on scrappy ways to launch an app, and how similarity search powers one of the killer features of the CollX app. You can try out the app at


If you are a practitioner, marketer, product manager, or entrepreneur in ML... and interested in more than just improving top-1 accuracy on Imagenet by half a point... subscribe to our podcast at:

Key Moments: 

  • Building an application that works around the potential errors of an ML model (15:10).
  • The data and ML behind his trading card valuation model, especially when recent transactions don’t exist. (18:30).
  • Dealing with the latency inherent in ML and networking through the concept of “building lists” (18:25).
  • Early work on product search (24:00).
  • Working with bad training data and adding a “wizard behind the curtains” to deliver value while labeling data (26:18).
  • More UX techniques to reduce perceived latency (28:00).
  • Helping users understand that ML models are not 100% accurate (30:45).
  • Advice for entrepreneurs trying to launch an app (35:20).  

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