Computer Vision, finally made simple

Masterful is the low-code platform for building computer vision models.  Now any developer can build models that analyze visual data without months of experimentation.
street segmentation 2

 $ pip install masterful 

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Train smarter, not harder

Masterful enables any developer to build a production-grade ML model without paying an army of human data labelers, months of manual experiments, or hacking together fragile open source repos. 

Masterful is the first CV platform to radically reduce the amount of labeled data needed to train a model by applying semi-supervised learning.

Training works in your current environment, on-prem or in your cloud.  Deploy your model anywhere using your existing production pipeline.


Low-code with power and flexibility

Masterful automatically applies best practices and state-of-the-art algorithms to train your model.  Just edit a simple text file that points to your data, defines your goal, and the format for saving the final model.  Then run one Python command.  Masterful automatically handles optimization, regularization, and semi-supervised learning (SSL).  Get the highest quality model, in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost!

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Glass box, not black box

Masterful shows the training process and visualizes the performance of your final model, giving you deep insights into model behavior.

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Real results

See how Masterful improves performance on real datasets against Google's Vertex AutoML


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 $ pip install masterful