Create stunning social posts that sell

Generate beautiful social posts featuring your products in AI-generated scenes. Spend less time on photographing, editing, and writing and always have fresh content that converts.

1. Pick your product image


2. Pick an inspiration scene 


3. Publish AI-generated posts 


Just drag and drop your product image into an inspiration image, and Masterful does the rest to create beautiful images and engaging descriptions, in your brand's visual style and language.  

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Your store, now with AI superpowers. Link your Shopify and Instagram accounts, and Masterful builds generative AI models customized to your products, visual style and voice. Create new posts in seconds and track your increase in views, likes, visits, and sales.

Driven by data that sells. Let AI help you build a more personal, engaging, and unique relationship with your audience. Pick from our optimized scenes, automatically personalized to connect with your buyers and increase sales. 


Your editing co-pilot. Masterful automatically checks for visual errors using computer vision, and even allows you to edit or remove objects with a click. Spend less time iterating with photographers and designers and save thousands in editing costs.

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