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Masterful takes the guesswork out of training machine learning models. Cut data labeling costs up to 50% and improve model accuracy with just a few lines of code.


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Train with a Master

Building machine learning models shouldn't mean running a bunch of expensive and time consuming training experiments.  Masterful empowers developers to focus on building ML applications instead of trial-and-error testing of training data and techniques.  With just a few lines of code, Masterful automatically creates the optimal curriculum of training data and parameters to help your model learn best.  

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A little code with a lot of experience

Masterful creates a training curriculum tailored to your model. Then it generates a stream of responsive training data, dynamically created by watching how your model behaves during training. Masterful also applies the learnings from training other models, so your training converges faster. 

Under the hood, Masterful creates labeled training data using manifold theory, synthetic generation, adversarial techniques, and meta-learning.

Do you have a ton of unlabeled training data, or don't know which data to label in the first place?  Masterful can use it further improve model accuracy.

Flexible and secure deployment

Developers can easily add Masterful to their local or cloud training loop.  Your models and data always stay private.  Masterful supports common ML frameworks and models for image classification, detection, and segmentation.

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Get a better model now

Try Masterful now and get a better model on your next training run. There are no parameters to tune or datasets to manage.