AutoML for Data

Masterful is an AutoML platform that improves your models by improving your training data.


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Get more performance out of your training data

Masterful is AutoML that starts with the data.  Masterful automatically enriches your training dataset with augmented, synthetic, and unlabeled data, enabling developers to build more accurate models with no additional effort.  Increase your model's overall accuracy, improve performance on difficult classes, and remove biases with just a few lines of code.  

Masterful is automatic, so developers can focus on building solutions instead of testing data and tuning training parameters. 

Masterful scales across multiple GPUs.

Masterful's API is simple, allowing integration in minutes not weeks.  

Masterful applies an expanding library of state-of-the art approaches to continue improving your model.

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A little code with a lot of experience

Under the hood, Masterful expands your existing training data using smart augmentation, synthetic generation, and self-supervised learning.  With Masterful in your training pipeline, you'll always have the latest techniques applied to your model in just the right combination, without having to tune any parameters.  It's just a few lines of code to integrate.  

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Flexible and secure deployment

Developers can easily add Masterful to their local or cloud training loop.  Your models and data always stay private. Masterful supports common ML frameworks and models for image classification, detection, and segmentation.

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Get a better model now

Try Masterful now and get a better model on your next training run. There are no parameters to tune or datasets to manage.