The Training Platform for Computer Vision

Train your model to peak accuracy with

  • Unlabeled images using semi-supervised learning 
  • State-of-the-art regularization
  • No hyperparameter tuning
  • The minimum GPU-hours

 $ pip install masterful 

Train smarter, not harder

Masterful takes your data and model architecture and returns a trained model. Achieve a better model faster without

Paying an army of human data labelers (and correcting their mistakes)

 Days of manual experiments

 Hacking together fragile research repos

Training works in your current training environment: on-prem or in your cloud.

Once you've trained your model, deploy it within your existing production pipeline.

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A simple API that automates training

Masterful is a Pythonic API that builds on Keras. Optimization, Regularization, and Semi-Supervised Learning (SSL) are organized logically, rather than scattered throughout your code. 

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Automated and fully transparent

Masterful visualizes the experiments it runs, the hyperparameters it calculates, and the performance of your trained model.

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Real results

See how Masterful improves performance on real datasets against Google's Vertex AutoML


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PyTorch support is coming! Signup for the newsletter to get early access.

 $ pip install masterful